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Ann Robinson  Wright
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NameAnn Robinson Wright
CompanyEntertainment2000Advertising, Marketing & Promotion Agency 
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KeywordsAdvertising, Marketing, free,homebased,networking,Promotion 
WantsAmbitious to work with a few key people who are ready, 
Haveswilling and able to build a real global business... 
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Writer, Publicist, Marketing & Sales Director


Was the primary care-giver for, my father, who had Alzheimer Disease.
He died May 27, 2006

About 4 million people in the U.S. have Alzheimer's. It is an illness that makes it hard for people to remember, think, and use language.  It can make them act strange or appear moody. After a while, people with Alzheimer’s have a hard time with things like using the phone,cooking or handling money. Sadly, many people think the early symptoms of Alzheimer's are signs of normal aging. So Alzheimer's is often not diagnosed and/or ... treated early.  Which was the case of my father.   We just did not recognized the "early signs". Only in hind-sight, (which of course is 20,20), did we see and began to understand. The mood swings, personality changes, agitation and aggravation are indescribable.  Only by experience can one began to truly know and  understand the unexplainable, horrific effects of... Alzheimer’s Disease.

We were Blessed to be introduced to Tahitian Noni Juice, by Chris Jenkins, who lives in Australia. He has helped a lot of people become successful because he cares a lot about the success, health and wealth of  others, he is very serious about this.  And, fortunately for us, shares "The Story" and worldwide Opportunity where ever he  goes.  Now, I do the same.Tahitian Noni Juice, allowed my father to sleep better, which reduced his agitation and mood swings. Thus, reducing the stress level in our home and we ALL slept better.(There are eight of us.) At first, I thought I was "believing my own sales pitch".(I've been in some form of sales, marketing, and advertising, for well over twenty-five years). We stopped our use of Tahitian Noni Juice,  for a short while, (our own, in-house, non scientific, personal research experience) the difference we saw and felt, without Tahitian Noni Juice, was AMAZING!!!  My father's mood swings began to increase, so did his agitation, he wasn't sleeping well. My husband noticed he wasn't sleeping, as well, either and the pain in his legs, that he was used to living with and didn't realize were gone... until they started to coming back.

During "our own, in house, nonscientific, personal research experience". I personally found the relief from stress and improvement in my digestive system diminished. (It's an AMAZING product for both HEALTH & WEALTH).

Was it been a cure all for my father?   NO?

Less Agitation?     YES!

Less Aggravation?   YES!

Better Night Sleep? YES!

We are not exactly sure what it did for my father, he couldn't and didn’t express it.  His appearance and activities told us, It is doing something!  We walked 1-2 miles a day, regularly attended Church and Sunday School, and being in traffic didn't seem to bother him, as much as it had. We were glad it was doing whatever it did for him. His doctors soon began to chart Tahitian Noni Juice in his medical profile...(Tahitian Noni Juice "is" listed in the Physician Desk Reference(PDR). Alzheimer’s is an ugly disease affecting and effecting the whole family, circle of friends and relations.  We've been living with Alzheimer’s, for so long, we can't remember, exactly, when my father was actually diagnosed. We know it was before Mr. Reagan. Doctors said he was "Stage 3". Tahitian Noni Juice is the first product, in which we've found, some (any)relief, with No side effects. Some of my father's medications caused extremely adverse re-actions. We stopped giving those medications to him. Prayer, laughter and Tahitian Noni Juice sustained us. In fact, Alzheimer’s has drew us closer as a family.

I live with my parents(both, 87yrs) and four grandchildren (17,16,14 & 13yrs), recognizing we are Blessed to have four generations in our home. When my husband's sister and our youngest daughter(26yrs) visit, five generations are represented. We "ALL" lived where my father was, at any given time.  We are a made for TV family.  Never a dull moment. Was it easy?  No!  Can you learn to live with and maintain a humane existence, with...Alzheimer's Disease?  Yes!  Remembering, as we do, "God works ALL together for GOOD for those who Trust and Believe in Him."

If you are a care-giver or are related to or know some one who is suffering with Alzheimer’s Diseasse, feel free to contact me, if you need to or would like to talk. It can  be a long,long,long...lonely journey.

Remember, Believe and Come to KNOW, "There is a Blessing on the Other Side of Through...."

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